What is the Los Angeles Cyber Lab?

The Los Angeles Cyber Lab is a first of its kind public-private-partnership, dedicated to protecting personal and protected information from malicious cyber threats by facilitating and promoting innovation, education, and information sharing between Los Angeles’ public and private sectors for the benefit of all our city’s businesses and residents. LA Cyber Lab is dedicated to sharing the latest cybersecurity threat data, alerts, and intelligence gathered by the city of Los Angeles and its partners. A Board of Advisors, led by Mayor Eric Garcetti and consisting of leadership from top Los Angeles businesses and government officials, develops policy and practices to help guide the LA Cyber Lab’s mission. Membership is be open to all businesses and LA residents at no cost.

LA Cyber Lab Initiative 1: Protection and Alerts  

During Initiative 1, the City of Los Angeles began sharing information generated from its award winning Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC) to all LA Cyber Lab members. The ISOC analyzes upwards of 1 billion security related events per day and also aggregates data from the federal government and key private sector sources. LA Cyber Lab now allows member organizations to receive cybersecurity data, alerts, indicators of compromise, and threat intelligence generated by the ISOC. 

LA Cyber Lab Initiative 2: Mutual Information Exchange 

As part of this initiative, LA Cyber Lab will invite all of its members to begin sharing data with the organization, creating a mutual exchange of information across the public and private sectors. None of the data will include confidential or proprietary information, so all member interests will remain secure.

LA Cyber Lab Initiative 3: Cyber Lab Innovation Incubator 

The City of Los Angeles is developing a Cyber Lab Innovation Incubator (Incubator). The Incubator represents several goals: 1) Cohosting events for the business community, 2) Partnering with academia to provide training to students and the business community, and 3) Creating a Cyber Simulator which offers dynamic attack/defense of networks and the testing and development of new tools. With the support of our private sector partners, we hope to fully complete this Incubator in 2020.  

What are the Benefits?

Membership in the LA Cyber Lab will allow Los Angeles businesses of all sizes to access and digest the latest cybersecurity threat information. It will also provide members with streamlined access to law enforcement and the knowledge of “who to call” in the event of a cyber-attack or similar incident.

Ultimately, the City of Los Angeles wants to hear from you. How can we make cybersecurity a public service? What types of resources and information will benefit your company and others? Your organization will have a significant voice in crafting the LA Cyber Lab policies that address these questions.