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Be a part of the cyber ecosystem changes in our community!
Engage with security leaders and grow your professional knowledge in emerging security, legal issues, risk and hands-on tech learning. Don't miss this "GO LOUD" event as we announce the roll out of a game changing mobile phishing app and new ways to engage our community...


Connecting the Community

  • Emerging Tech
  • Cyber Ecosystem
  • Privacy
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Entertainment
  • Information Sharing
  • HOT New Trends
  • Soft-Tech
  • Workforce Development
Security Summit Sold Out

Keynote Speakers


Kelvin Dawson
Director of Force Protection, Defense Finance Accounting Service
Garry Drummond
Garry Drummond
CEO, 802Secure

Featured Singer


Day 2 Schedule (9/18/2019)

Training Schedule

We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around mingling and socializing.

Day 1 - California

Time Topic Speakers
8:00am California Ballroom
Registration and Breakfast: California Ballroom
9:00am California
Welcome LA Address
Mayor Eric Garcetti
9:30am California
LA Cyber Lab: Connecting the Community
Moderator: Kal Raustiala
Joshua Belk, Haroon Azar, Carlos Carrillo
10:00am California
Space: The Final Frontier Is Already Here!
Moderator: Dr. Michael Jones
Harrison Cuadil, Imran Chaudhari, Richard Rositas
11:00am California
Crowd Sourcing Security
Rob Fry
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Luncheon California
LA Cyber Lab Information Sharing
Joshua Belk & Christy Riccardi
1:00pm California
FBI Technology Outlook
Chris Piehota - Keynote Speaker
2:00pm - 2:30pm
Digital Music Is Booming!
Seth Schachner
2:30pm - 3:00pm
Show Me the Money: CTO & Cyber
Dioly Alexandre
3:00pm California
Expertise is More Important than Tools
Moderator: Imran Chaudhari
Michael Rotondo, Zach Fuller, Karl Mattson
4:00pm California
Hi-Tech Problems: Demystifying the Darkweb
Ben Johnson, Candan Bolukbas, Gene Yoo, Shawn Loveland

Day 1 - Beverly

Time Topic Speakers
10:00am Beverly
Protecting Our Cities: How LA Is Making It Better

Tim Lee

11:00am Beverly
Threat Intelligence From the Darkweb
Shawn Loveland
2:00pm Beverly
Cybersecurity and Data Breaches from a Business Lawyer's Perspective
Kathy Winger
3:00pm Beverly
Breaches Are Everywhere: What’s a Good Security Leader To Do?
Richard Greenberg
4:00pm Beverly
CA IT Laws
Scott Pink

Day 1 - Mixer and VIP Dinner

Time Event
California Foyer
LAVibN Mixer Hosted by Working Scholars
Hollywood Ballroom
VIP Dinner - The Great Hack - Netflix Producers Pedro Kos & Judy Korin
Featured Singer: Oscar Medina
RSVP Required

Day 2 - California

Time Topic Speakers
8:00am California Ballroom
Registration and Breakfast: Catalina Ballroom
9:00am California
Divergent Regulations: New Challenges & Risks Across the Security Landscape
Dr. Adriana Sanford – Keynote Speaker
10:00am California
Careers in Tech: Women Discuss Emerging Roles
Moderator: Sasha Kenon
Andrea Hoy, Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown, Michelle Nguyen
11:00am California
Building Public-Private Partnerships
Moderator: Dr. Michael Jones
Karl Mattson, Stan Stahl, Paul Kurtz
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Luncheon California
Flavor Du Jour: Snowden to Now
Christopher Cuzzucoli, Jeff Schermerhorn, Lou Bladel
1:00pm California
Election Security
Bob Maley - Keynote Speaker
2:00pm California
iConnect! IOT Security
Moderator: Dr. Michael Jones
Imran Chaudhari, Joshua Belk, Garry Drummond
3:00pm California
Security Community Leaders: Impacts on National Security
Moderator: Adam Benson
Bob Maley, Greg Dixon, Jesse Leeds
4:00pm California
Networking UpLift Break

Day 2 - Beverly

Time Topic Speakers
10:00am - 10:30am Beverly
Risk & Cybersecurity A perspective on Enterprise Risk & Cyber Insurance

Howard Miller

10:30am - 11:00am Beverly
Small Business Security Architecture
Ken Chang
11:00am Beverly
Proactive Security: The Case for AI
Paulo Sharkarian
2:00pm Beverly
Destructive Malware Attacks: A New Reality
Wendi Whitmore
3:00pm Beverly
Navigating the Future of Innovative Technology in SoCal
Andrea Hoy
4:00pm Beverly
Networking UpLift Break

Training Schedule

Time Training Details
9/17 - 2:00pm
Santa Monica D
Deep Packet Analysis with Wireshark and Tshark part #1
Candan Bolukbas, NormShield
In this meetup we used Wireshark to decrypt HTTPS streams, reconstruct audio streams and analyze sophisticated attacks. We also used tshark to analyze pcap file and extract field to process with command line tools. Please make sure that you have wireshark and tshark installed.
9/17 - 3:00pm
Santa Monica D
IT Risk in Motion Tabletop Exercise
Robert Kang, Loyola University & Special Guests
Crisis response in a major cyber breach takes planning and training; get the full effect of what are the best practices and also the things not to do during this role playing session.
9/18 - 10:00am
Santa Monica D
Red Team Hacking
Dioly Alexandre, BlackShield
The most successful teams have to know how they are being attacked. Thinking like a hacker is only half of the equation; learn the general methodology and explore concepts in tools which make your job easier.
9/18 - 2:00pm
Santa Monica D
Operationalizing Intelligence from Sharing Communities
Chris Godfrey, TruStar
Sharing communities like the LA Cyber Lab provide critical connective tissue for exchanging intelligence across enterprises. But they come in many different forms and the data is often unstructured and orthogonal to existing security workflows. In this session, we'll present the common challenges associated with operationalizing intelligence from different types of sharing communities and we'll share some technical tools and tips for how to make the most of your sharing community intelligence.


Security Summit 2019 at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel - Email [email protected] to inquire about Hotel Discounts

The Westin Bonaventure

The Westin Bonaventure

404 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071
Security Summit Sold Out

The LA Cyber Lab 2019 Security Summit is sold out. You can still find helpful information regarding our speakers and the schedule for the event on this page.