About Us

The mission of the LA Cyber Lab is to provide the greater Los Angeles business community and local government organizations with greater cybersecurity awareness and access to trained and capable workforce.

Los Angeles Freeway at Night

The LA Cyber Lab is shaping the cybersecurity ecosystem in Los Angeles through information sharing and workforce development as a center of excellence.

The greatest challenge to security is a trained and qualified workforce. LACL brings together the talent of the greater Los Angeles area with the businesses seeking to grow their technical expertise. The LACL partners with academia to develop targeted training for entry level skills into the cyber job market. Working with businesses to identify entry level cyber needs and qualifications the LACL informs academia to meet these needs. The Center of Excellence engages individuals who might not otherwise seek or consider cyber related jobs to inspire a new generation of tech industry professionals.

The LACL views the cyber ecosystem as a place of opportunity to bring together people of common interests who may not yet realize their hi-tech interdependency. Technology is integrated into our lives and regulates the activities of our daily endeavors. The cyber ecosystem ranges from individual devices and applications to large networks and critical infrastructures which underpin the social and economic successes in our lives.

The LACL regularly holds informative and thought provoking events to engage businesses and individuals at all levels in the cyber ecosystem. The events are designed to provide networking and information which inspires collaboration, creativity, and economic prosperity. The types of events include webinars, conference calls, networking events, panel discussions, and conferences.